About the certificate

CNWPP (Certified Network & Website Pen Testing Professional) is a certification course designed to train and certify individuals in the field of penetration testing. The course covers various aspects of hacking, methodologies, deliverables, and more to ensure students are prepared to work in a professional pentesting environment.
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Knowledge domains

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What is pentesting

The student will be required to gain a thorough understanding of the pentesting process

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Client interactions

The student will learn how to interact with a client in a secure manner. It is imperative no critical information is shared beyond the agreed-upon channels.

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Document everything

We require the student to document the correct items before, during and after their testing.

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Network testing

Students are expected to master the very basics of network pentesting.

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Website testing

a host of web exploits is explained and demonstrated on live labs so that student can get a firm grasp of some common exploits that are available.

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The student will learn how to hack API’s since they are becoming much more common in the field

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The student will learn about the different pentesting methodologies (OSTMM, PTES, NIST 800-115, OWASP WSTG).

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Core concepts

The student will refresh his knowledge around all core pen testing and networking concepts.

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